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Order the Book Now

Order the Book Now

Order the book now and get special gifts from Danielle Rama Hoffman and other transformational leaders including:

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Imagine your life with an abundance of positive energy, health, wealth and joy.

The Temples of Light is a step-by-step process to move from feelings of powerlessness to empowerment, fear to bliss, from scarcity to abundance, opening the body, mind and spirit to the infinite possibilities within.

Each sacred site is a portal to ancient wisdom that can assist the modern-day pilgrim with everyday life issues and struggles—love, purpose, money and health—and the deeper questions of enlightenment and our divine origin.

The Temples of Light
can enhance:

  • Psychic Abilities—intuition, clarity, multi-sensory guidance
  • Spiritual Evolution—self-realization, enlightenment, soul’s purpose
  • Heart Opening—bliss, peace, nonattachment Abundance Consciousness—manifestation of money, love, health, joy

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Find out what people are saying about The Temples of Light:

“The Temples of Light opens the Egyptian temple portals for anyone on our planet, and you don’t even have to travel to Egypt! By taking these journeys, you can align your heart with the wisdom keys of the temples; then the wisdom of the temples awakens within.”

             - Barbara Hand Clow: Author of the Mayan Code

“Danielle Rama Hoffman's The Temples of Light reveals the great spiritual sanctuaries of Egypt were built to honor and embody the transpersonal forces of the Universe. A great read from a modern mystic!”

              - Hank Wesselman PHD, Anthropologist and Author of the Spiritwalker Trilogy

Order the Book Now

Order the Book Now
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